Welcome to Air-Right Heat ‘n’ Cool Pumps

Air-Right Heat n Cool Pumps Limited has been servicing the Waikato wide area since 2007 as a service focussed company that specialises in Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning.


We offer great services Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning at affordable prices

Getting a Heat Pump

Not sure what Heat Pump & Air Conditioning to buy?  We can point you in the right direction.

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Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning


We are experts in installing heat pumps and are great value for money.

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Air-Right - Get some advise

Get some advice

Not sure where the best place to install a heat pump is?  Call us for advise.

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We service the Waikato, Heat Pumps Hauraki

We are based just out of Paeroa but travel in and out of the Waikato on a daily basis.  If you see the van with “Air-Right” written on it be sure to give us a call so we can get the air in your place right.

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