Installing a Heat Pump

Why Air-Right Heat n Cool Pumps are great at Installing a Heat Pump

We only use the best products – like the best quality brands of heat pumps, and UV resistant trunking that carries the highest rating on the market, so it lasts longer.

We raise all our units off the ground to increase airflow and drainage.

We pressure test systems with nitrogen once installed to guard against leaks and to purge the system of unwanted contaminants that may affect the life of the heat pump.

We evacuate the system to 100 microns or less – removing the moisture and oxygen from the pipes to ensure longevity of the compressor.

We warrant our workmanship for the full length of the heat pump warranty – 5 or 6 years! Fujitsu models carry a 6 year warranty. Mitsubishi models carry a 5 year warranty. When you buy a heat pump from us we match the manufacturer’s warranty with our workmanship warranty. Our warranty includes loss of refrigerant replacement (which can cost $300-$500 + GST if this is needed – we do it for FREE!). (Some conditions apply).

We pride ourselves on neat & tidy workmanship.

Full instructions given on how to operate your Heat Pump and how to clean the filters.

After-sales care includes regular servicing from our technicians, maintenance and warranty claims and repairs undertaken if required.

Along with our focus on providing a superior experience in every way, we keep our prices sharp to give you the best deal all round.